Bin Sponsorship

Fintech Advancement Facilitated by QBS Network of BIN Sponsors

QBS as a Network Facilitator:

In this transformative landscape, QBS operates not as a BIN sponsor but as a facilitator, connecting fintech enterprises with a network of BIN sponsors. This unique approach grants streamlined access to crucial payment processing and card management services, circumventing the intricacies of joining major card schemes like Visa or Mastercard.

QBS, as a network facilitator, assumes a pivotal role in this process, providing an expedited and cost-effective avenue for new card products to swiftly enter the market. The expertise and unwavering support offered by QBS empower clients to scale their ventures efficiently.

Significance of BINs and QBS Collaboration with BIN Sponsors:

To comprehend the significance of BIN Sponsorship, let's delve into the essence of BINs. The Bank Identification Number (BIN) goes beyond being a mere set of initial numbers on a payment card; it serves as the linchpin for identifying the card issuer.

This identification ensures a seamless flow through payment authorization, clearing, and settlement processes. QBS, in its role as a network facilitator, collaborates with a myriad of BIN sponsors within major card schemes (Mastercard, Visa, American Express). This collaboration enables businesses to sidestep the intricate web of regulatory licenses, paperwork, fees, and compliance checks.

Reduced Cost Card Payment Solutions and Symbiotic Ecosystem Dynamics:

Furthermore, QBS, through its network, offers card payment solutions at a significantly reduced cost, overseeing the connection between businesses and BIN sponsors.

This strategic partnership liberates clients to channel their energies into developing and managing their payment products without the need for a direct relationship with the scheme.

As we navigate the intricate dynamics of BIN Sponsorship facilitated by the QBS network, it becomes clear that QBS serves as a linchpin, fostering collaboration between major card schemes and smaller fintech enterprises.

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End-to-End Process Oversight:

In this symbiotic ecosystem:

QBS AG provides Smart Order Routing (SOR) in cryptocurrency trading, optimizing trade execution for the best prices and reduced slippage. QBS AG's SOR system streamlines the trading process, saving time and enhancing overall efficiency.

With access to diverse exchanges, it increases liquidity and improves the chances of finding optimal trade execution. Additionally, the adaptability of SOR to market changes ensures trades are executed under the most favorable circumstances, making QBS AG a strategic choice for those seeking advanced technology to navigate the cryptocurrency market with confidence.

Benefits for Fintech Businesses and Criteria for Selection:

In this landscape, any fintech business desiring to launch its card product but lacking the infrastructure and capacity to become a licensed issuer can benefit immensely from engaging a BIN sponsor within the QBS network.

When selecting a BIN sponsor within the QBS network, businesses should scrutinize the organization's permissions, licenses, compatibility with their intended solution, scalability potential, and ideally, expertise in their niche.

QBS's Criteria for Partnership:

Conversely, QBS seeks businesses with a viable proposition, strong financials, and a commitment to compliance.

Catalysts of Innovation:

In the grand tapestry of fintech innovation, QBS and its network of BIN sponsors emerge not just as facilitators but as catalysts, propelling businesses towards their goals and unlocking the full potential of payment solutions in the digital era.

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