Fintech Licenses

At QBS AG, we specialize in expert consultancy services tailored to help fintech and blockchain ventures acquire the necessary licenses. Recognizing that each jurisdiction presents its own unique regulatory challenges, our team's in-depth knowledge and experience ensure we know the way forward. In an industry where compliance is paramount, partnering with us ensures regulatory adherence, market access, and enhanced trust and credibility for your fintech and blockchain endeavors. Let us guide you through the complexities of licensing, enabling your business to thrive and grow with confidence in the dynamic worlds of fintech and blockchain.

Fintech Licenses for EEA

The European Union has a long-standing practice of imposing stringent regulatory and risk management standards on various financial entities, including payment institutions, virtual currency exchanges, investment funds, forex brokers, banks, credit institutions, insurance companies, and others. Securing a license for a financial entity in the European Union offers notable competitive advantages and grants access to the entire European market.

QBS AG serves as a gateway for financial entities aiming to enter the European market. Our team of lawyers and consultants engages directly with regulatory bodies across EU member states, including central banks and financial supervisory authorities, eliminating the need for intermediaries. This direct engagement enables us to provide tailored support in obtaining licenses while minimizing both initial and ongoing operational costs.

Crypto Licences

QBS AG provide licensing solutions across various European Union jurisdictions, including Estonia, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Malta, Cyprus, Lithuania, Czech Republic, and more. Following the completion of company registration and license acquisition, we offer comprehensive support services, including license renewal (if applicable), compliance assistance, risk assessment support, legal counsel, organization workshops and seminars, provision of legal opinions, and advice on general data protection regulations (DPO and GDPR). Additionally, we specialize in assisting clients in obtaining licenses for crypto custody and crypto exchange operations, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and facilitating entry into the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency market.

Furthermore, our services extend to advising clients on Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) or token issuance, offering comprehensive guidance throughout the intricate process. This includes project research, token solution consulting, recommendations regarding jurisdiction selection, roadmap development, and preparation of legal documents such as Token Purchase Agreements, Terms of Use, Privacy Policies, and more.

MiCA Regulation

E-Money or Payment Institutions

We offer advisory services and assistance to clients seeking to acquire licenses for SPI (Small-Scale Payment Institution), PSP (Payment Service Provider), or EMI (Electronic Money Institution) in the European Union and selected Countries.

The Electronic Money Institution license serves as an optimal solution for FinTech companies, financial service providers, and startups aiming to offer various services, including money remittance, payment orders, account information services, electronic money issuance, and fiat currency exchange. Additionally, it enables users to deposit and withdraw cash from current accounts, link existing payment bank cards to client sub-accounts, and issue cards from major vendors like VISA and Mastercard.

MSB Licence in Canada

Canada maintains a tradition of imposing robust regulatory and risk management standards on entities within the financial sector, such as payment institutions, virtual currency exchanges, investment funds, forex brokers, banks, credit institutions, insurance companies, and other financial institutions. Obtaining licensure for a financial entity in Canada offers significant competitive advantages and grants access to the Canadian market.

QBS AG facilitates entry into the Canadian market for financial entities. Our team of legal and consulting professionals works directly with regulatory authorities across Canada, including the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) and provincial regulatory bodies. This direct engagement allows us to provide tailored support in obtaining licenses while minimizing both initial and ongoing operational costs.

Licence in Purto Rico

Banks in Puerto Rico operate within a framework of robust regulatory oversight administered by the Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions (OCIF). Obtaining a bank license in Puerto Rico not only signifies adherence to stringent regulatory standards but also provides a gateway to the local financial market. By securing licensure, banks can establish credibility, access a diverse customer base, and navigate the regulatory landscape effectively, thereby fostering growth and stability within the Puerto Rican financial sector.

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