QBS FX - Currency Exchange Solutions

Unlock Live Wholesale Currency Exchange Rates 24/7. Save on Transactions and Boost Revenue with Competitive Rates.

Seamlessly integrate cross-border services

Effectively manage and monetize your foreign exchange operations with wholesale currency exchange rates across hundreds of currency pairs — all through modern APIs, eliminating the need for traditional schemes or banks.

Multiple currencies

Engage in transactions involving a wide array of currency pairs.

Visibility and access

Gain real-time access to foreign exchange rates and enjoy unified account views, making financial management effortless.


Exercise complete control over conversions and decide how much control to delegate to your customers.

Competitive rates

Outshine the competition with real-time, cost-effective rates that attract customers and allow you to monetize your foreign exchange capabilities.


Comprehend the value of your rates and obtain a clear market spread perspective with access to mid-market rates.


Execute trades with settlement options ranging from instant settlement to forward contracts extending up to a year. You can also cancel, adjust settlement dates, and draw down funds as needed.

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